RIAA Pricing 

Basic Layout

These are our Basic CD designs, as well as single Gold or Platinum layouts that include your customized personal engraving.


Premium Layout

Our Premium layouts are more artistically designed, with the addition of  Gold & Platinum combinations or 2x which = double Platinum records finished with that personalized touch.


Platinum Plus Layout

The Platinum Plus are our most requested plaque series, which consist of multi-platinum records  with all the trimmings.  A very nice personal or gift idea.


                                                                                                                           *Non-RIAA Customized Pricing 


Basic | Premium | and Platinum Plus Layouts

These particular layouts are usually more detailed and elaborate in design, therefore higher in cost. For an accurate quote, choose your (layout #) and the particulars of the custom design so we can give you the accurate pricing upon ordering.

Please be mindful that turn around time from ordering date to delivery is typically 3 to 4 weeks, and our shipping and handling terms (are not) included in the purchase price. Your shipping cost is calculated based upon your location, the weight of the item and also includes - Signature Confirmation.





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