Winter of 2019


Next Level has released a very special line of record plaques called the // Collectors Series //.
Simply speaking, these are truly
rare and priceless record plaques that were made directly for some of the hottest Artist's, Producers and Musicians in the industry
...with their name on the engraving. 
We can understand and appreciate the level of interest for these timeless showpieces. These were made for the collector in you, available via Letgo, eBay & our **Online Store** page!

Present 2020


If you are a sincere lover of that classic "Motown Sound", then you have every right to be excited!  
We're now releasing some  rare Motown collectibles, and like our "Collectors Series"...were made for the artist's like ~ Marvin Gaye / The Jackson 5 / Stevie Wonder / and Boyz II Men.
These Motown classics are currently available for purchase on eBay & our  online store as well. Who says the Motown era is dead. To view and bid on our current "Collectors Series",  click the ebay logo above. Enjoy.

Continued Success Through 2020


With N.L. landing on our feet again here in 2020, we're seamlessly merging into to the film industry. As we prepare to unveil our Film and Trailer Awards division, our staff will be networking with studios, actors and executives alike...with business satisfaction as our guide.
We're truly looking forward to crossing industries, as we prepare to launch Next Level Film And Trailer Awards, which includes  our // Film Signature Series // Red Carpet layouts. We anticipate a significant level of excitement surrounding this venture, and for a sneak peek at the sited click here.
"Welcome To The Next Level...". 


              Collectors Series Plaque now available ~ 2Pac - "All Eyez on Me"  Multi-Platinum  Film Plaque




                                 "MAKE MORE HAPPEN"


As consumate professionals, we have also had the unique pleasure of working with global sensation Katy Perry, along with Staples in their charity work with In their successful effort to sponsor the North American leg of her Prismatic World Tour, we experienced pushing the money envelope further in a campaign called “Make More Happen.”



Staples, the office-supplies giant kicked-off the efforts by handing a $1 million check to the founder and CEO of Charles Best, in a press conference at Staples Center Los Angeles. allows teachers working in schools unable to afford resources, to reach out for local donations earmarked to provide kids with the necessary materials they need to learn. What a great cause...! 




   "It all starts with humility..."

                                 Owner Eric Tavares


Our Katy Perry | Staples collaboration was only made possible via  Next Level Gold And Platinum Records. The beauty of working with clients like these of course, was the pleasure of customizing a beautiful rainbow style platinum record plaque for Katy and Staples, which also included the million dollar check donated to 



Needless to say, we were simply honored to have received that call of which opened the door to building a very healthy and successful relationship with Katy and her executive staff. #makeroarhappen  Don't forget to catch an eye full of Katy's Global "Witness" Tour.





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